Zeus OG Strain


Indica –THC: 20% – 25% – Zeus og Strain

Right off the bat, Zeus OG is a 100% unadulterated Indica mixture strain made through a cross of the amazing Pineapple OG X Deadhead OG strains. Although there is another strain by the same name with OG Kush X Skunk’s legacy, this bud is the most mainstream and sought-after one on the clinical market. This bud brought home the gold award for Best Medical Hybrid resist the High Times’ Washington Cannabis Cup in 2014, with an amazingly high THC level of 20-25% overall and a revealed high CBD level. With its powerful mending impacts, you’ll before long find why this bud is named after the Greek King of the Gods.

The Zeus OG high is exceptionally perky and unwinding in nature with cheerful and quiet mental influences combined with narcotic body impacts. The high beginnings with a euphoric state of mind help and an eruption of inventive energy. This feeling of energy can undoubtedly be overwhelmed by a loosening-up body buzz that streams over your appendages. These impacts make Zeus OG ideal for treating patients experiencing conditions like persistent pressure or nervousness, sleep deprivation, muscle fits, ongoing agony, and wretchedness. Ultimately, this bud has a delectable flavor and smell of sweet tropical pineapple.

Effects zeus og strain

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