White Rhino Strain


Indica – THC: 17% – 20%, CBD: 1% – white rhino strain

White Rhino Strain, a well-known near-pure Indica, and the beloved original Mendocino Purps, an Indica-heavy hybrid, were crossed to make this delightful hybrid, itself an Indica-heavy hybrid. The specific proportion of Indica to Sativa is indistinct, however, THC levels are high in Purple Rhino, arriving at 20% in certain examinations. Then again, CBD levels are exceptionally low, undeniably under 1%, too low to even consider suggesting this as a decent wellspring of medication for seizure issues and different conditions that can be treated with CBD. However, the quieting high, a blend of both body and cerebral impacts, is compelling in mitigating uneasiness, misery, muscle fits, constant agony, and a sleeping disorder.

Even though it’s fine any season of the day, Purple Rhino is best around evening time, inciting profound unwinding and solid sofa lock impacts. white rhino strains are light green in shading, with purple and golden strands and a weighty layer of trichomes. White rhino strain has a sweet, particular kind of berries and citrus, with a comparative smell. Results aren’t generally revealed, yet it’s a protected estimate that dry mouth is one of them. Red eyes and distrustfulness may likewise be conceivable. This strain is quite not mainstream, as it’s elusive essentially wherever in the United States. It might show up on the underground market, yet don’t anticipate it.