White Kush Strain


Indica – white kush strain – THC: 22%

Firstly, the white kush strain is a 100% pure Indica strain that is a potent cross of the infamous and hugely popular Afghan Kush X White Widow strains. Once more, this damp bud flaunts a THC level that reaches from 18-22%, contingent upon the raiser and a heap of Indica impacts. Furthermore, white Kush has a sharp botanical earth taste, and a smell likened to planting blossoms in a nursery the day after it downpours. Also, white kush strain buds have long neon green pepper-molded nugs with patches of light minty green and splashing of long meager practically transparent golden hairs. The nugs are dust with a fine layer of sand-like trichomes and are tacky with a soft layer of tar. Once more, clients portray the white kush strain high as one that drags upon you and hits you with a wild attack of the chuckles out of nowhere. Along these lines, this is followed by a fall into complete unwinding with a staggering feeling of relief from discomfort in both brain and body. Upon descending from this high, you’ll begin to feel rest and calmed, dialing down you into a brilliant night’s rest. Because of these powerful impacts, white kush strain is an optimal strain for treating patients experiencing conditions like sleep deprivation, torment, and constant pressure or tension.
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