Sweet Berlin Strain


sweet sweet strain

A secretive strain with obscure beginnings, sweet strain is simply beginning to break into the more extensive universe of cannabis. This Sativa-prevailing half breed has been a top choice of little, locally established producers for quite a long time, and is currently making huge waves with cannabis devotees across the globe as bigger cultivators sharpen in the developing conditions for sweet strain. With excellent, trichome splashed buds, the sweet strain doesn’t just look delightful, yet gives a reasonable, enduring high that is ideal for any degree of cannabis client.


Immediately, this strain needs to go on you on an outing. Indeed, even a modest quantity can be felt immediately as a charming, warm influx of solace splashes across the brain. Being a Sativa-predominant strain, Sweet Berlin initially makes a fantastic yet enthusiastic – mental express that is ideal for coaxing out inventive musings or quieting nervousness. Inside in minutes, the impacts spread all through the body, making a feeling of solace by bringing down muscle pressure and lightening a throbbing painfulness. The high has a long life, going on for quite a long time, separating it from other sativas, which are usually shorter-lived. As the burnout creeps on, it leaves a slight feeling of drowsiness, but nothing overwhelming.

For medicinal users, Sweet Berlin is effective at alleviating minor aches and pains, perfect for those suffering from arthritis. The subtle but pleasant high can also lessen nausea and feelings of depression and anxiety. Due to its good balance traits, sweet sweet strain is a great strain for those looking for relief but not wanting to leave you feeling groggy.

Taste and Smell for sweet sweet strain

  • The light green buds are cover in gem, giving this strain a light tone and exceptional visual appearance. Orange hairs contort around the thick buds, weaving across fields of trichomes, featuring the consideration and mastery of our cultivators. The smell is a rich blend of earth tones, a sweet undercurrent, and simply a trace of zest – like our Romulan strain.
  • Attracting Sweet Berlin’s smoke is a wonderful encounter as the smoke is extremely light. The underlying flavor on breathe-in is nonpartisan with just an unpretentious, natural flavor coming through. On breathing out, the smoke takes on a lot of rounder taste with sweet, treats-like tones radiating through before getting done with a wonderful, hot persistent flavor. At long last, this strain’s novel flavor profile gives the strain a characteristic and natural quality, alluding to that strain’s local beginnings.
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