Platinum GSC Strain


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica For Platinum Gsc Strain – THC: 18% – 26%, CBD: 1%

Platinum GSC strain, indeed, a cannabis strain (not the real treats), is perhaps the most famous half-breed strain in presence. The strain is the consequence of a cross between the OG Kush (additionally perhaps the most mainstream. strains in existence) the Durban poison hybrid. The strain inclines more towards Sativa and given its high THC levels at about 25%; it is no big surprise why this strain gives a particularly solid and happiness prompted high. Because of its intensity, it is utilized transcendently for stress alleviation in patients. Other restorative uses incorporate treatment for most sorts of tensions, torment mitigation, discouragement, and once in a while a sleeping disorder. Dry mouth and eyes are two of the results of this strain. There are two kinds of Girl Scout cookies. One is the platinum GSC strain and the other is thin mint Girl Scout cookies. Even though there are a few varieties for all intents and purposes and impacts, they are for the most part something similar. The presence of this strain is exceptional. It’s anything but a new look to it, with dim green leaves and splendid orange hairs. As far as smell, things are the specific inverse. The smoke is practically smooth with plenty of flavors. Albeit the taste is generally sweet, there are natural feelings. It possesses a flavor like chocolate, cherry, mint, and lemongrass.