Kush Berry Strain


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica – kush berry strain – THC: 22%

Kush Berry strain is additionally famously alluded to as Berry Kush. It’s anything but a 100% Indica predominant strain with THC content that offers a very fantastic high. Kush Berry strain is a go-between OG Kush and Blueberry, and it has enormous buds. For certain more featured tones, the buds are dull green in shading. By and large, the buds appear to be identical all through and are a gorgeous strain in any case. There is no uncertainty that it will grab your attention very quickly. The smell is hearty and woodsy, with citrus feelings. In any case, the taste is incredible, flower and fragrant, consequently making it a pleasant strain. The strain offers something for everybody. It’s anything but a strain that practically any individual searching for a viable sedating strain should be attempted. Kush berry strain specifically won’t just cause you to feel incredible; however, you will feel better compared to what you might have at any point felt previously. Then again, it is similarly gainful for patients with issues with pressure, agony, and resting. It is additionally fundamentally recommended to patients who are experiencing headaches and tension. In addition, it is additionally prescribed to patients who are going through chemotherapy. There is no denying the way that it’s anything but a pursued strain and is certainly commendable a shot.