Juicy Fruit Strain


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 55% Sativa / 45% Indica – Juicy fruit strain – THC: 26%

First and foremost, delicious natural product strain is named for its bundle of fruity fragrances, this close-even equilibrium of Sativa and Indica tastes and scents a lot of like fruit juice and lemon. Some portray the flavors as nearer to piña colada and plums. THC levels can reach 20%, accommodating an amazing blend of head and body buzz. Succulent organic product strain contains about 1% CBD, in the interim, settling on it a better-than-normal decision for patients who experience seizures or different indications that react to CBD. More so, breeders created this strain by crossing an original Afghani Indica with a pure Thai Sativa, an interaction that came about in a 55:45 Sativa/Indica proportion. Once more, the high, which can be very solid, is strongly euphoric, a blend of actual unwinding and cerebral mindset lift. The predominant inclination is one of happiness. Moreover, delicious natural product strain is a solid clinical apparatus for patients managing tension, temperament issues, sorrow, absence of craving, and actual agony. Numerous clients report dry mouth and red eyes, while other adverse consequences have all the earmarks of being more restricted. At long last, this clinical most loved can be found all over the West Coast, just as in Colorado. It every so often shows up on the underground market too.