Golden Goat Strain


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 16% – 23%, CBD: 1%

Firstly, golden goat strain which was created ‘accidentally’ is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This was made in Topeka, KS when the male Hawaiian Romulan happens to pollinate the female plant of Island Sweet Sunk. Secondly, everyone knows golden goat strain for its bright green samples with pink colored pistils. The strain appears to be small golden pieces that are dense and coated in a sheet of adhesive resinous crystals. This is one among the sativa dominant strains with THC level and CBD of 23% and 1.07% respectively. The aroma of golden goat strain will be like the combination of spicy and sweet tropical fruits. This particular strain is attributed as effective in treating a host of chronic conditions like stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain. Although this strain is identify as an effective alternative therapy for these conditions, the number of treatable conditions can be restrict to only these. Finally, the effects of this particular golden goat weed are extremely strong and can be felt all over the body. And, the effects of this golden goat weed would last up to 1-2 hours. This would be a good strain to take for breakfast.
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