Darkside OG


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa – darkside og – THC: 29% – 34%

Firstly, Darkside OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created through a crazy powerful cross of the infamous Death Star OG X Rug Burn OG strains. The client is careful – one toke of this fellow, and you’ll end up accepting the force of the Darkside in a matter of seconds by any means. Darkside OG packs substantial full-bodied impacts that suites for the more experienced client—along these lines, who need some additional power behind their medication, particularly given its madly high 29-31% average THC level. The high goes ahead gradually, crawling up on you before hitting you full-power like a cargo train. You’ll feel an unexpected convergence of inspired energy that rapidly blurs into a hefty body high that pulls you down into a friendly and narcotic sofa lock. As your brain gradually gets away into drowsy contemplation, you may wind up sleeping off and awakening a long time later. These impacts give Darkside OG an edge in getting sleep deprivation furthermore different conditions, including seizures or fits, constant weakness, and eye pressing factor or glaucoma. The kind of Darkside OG is misleadingly light, with a sweet woody impact emphasized by botanical citrus on breathe out. The smell has a botanical hint that is stressed by rich.