Black Diamond Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa – black diamond strain – THC: 18% – 24%, CBN: 1%

Initially, dark precious stone strain, which is, in any case, alluded to as ‘Dark Diamond OG’ and some of the time as ‘Dark Diamond OG Kush’, is the clinical weed strain which is reared in the Northern California district as clone-just strain. This is an indica-dominant strain and is known as a rare strain.THC levels of this strain range somewhere in the range of 18 and 24%. The buds of the plant will be astoundingly iced with not many of the surprising trichomes. More-thus, the buds contain orange-hued hairs, which are long and slim, shooting out of the denser bugs. The fragrance of this specific strain is discovered to be hearty and musky and will be pretty much like that of red wine. At the point when the clients sniff up nearer, this strain smells profoundly sharp. Besides, the taste would be like the smell, and the flavor of solid Indica will be left in the client’s throat for quite a while. This strain is prescribed to be used as an evening time smoke by sleep deprivation patients as this exceptionally calming. Moreover, this strain can be used for lightning torments, muscle fits, nausea, and nervousness. At long last, dark jewel strain will, in general, reason hunger in the clients and subsequently can be used by individuals who experience the ill effects of loss of craving.
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