$100 OG Strain


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica – $100 og – THC: 24%

First and foremost, $100 OG conveys a significant punch and gives noticeable impacts on both Indica and Sativa strains. It contains 50% grouping of each Indica and Sativa. The strain has profound, thick, dull green shaded buds for certain stems. It has solid cerebral impacts on your framework because of its solid Sativa legacy and soothingly affects your agonies because of its Indica side. It’s anything but a High THC level. Besides, the strain has a few constructive outcomes on your framework. From the start, you feel amazingly quiet and euphoric. Then, at that point, you start feeling glad and innovative followed by solid cravings for food that cause you to long for various food varieties. It’s anything but an impactful smell that is a combination of diesel and skunk scents. The flavor of $100 OG is very like them also. It is loaded with skunk also, diesel flavors with a solid trace of blueberry. It is for the most part used to determine tension issues. $100 OG quiets down their strained nerves and framework and gives them harmony. It’s anything but a calming impact on sadness too. Individuals likewise use it’s anything but a deficiency of craving as it animates hunger. Ultimately, this strain is powerful in relieving various torments also.

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